How do you sustain a creative culture remotely?

Michael Heins, co-founder at MoreYum

“It’s replaced almost every single internal meeting…”

An alternative to Zoom fatigue

Riff is an audio workplace that recreates presence within teams, allowing them to instantly speak to anyone with just one click. With no need to schedule a call, be on camera, or type a message, Riff has given MoreYum an alternative to all-day video calls and the resulting fatigue. “It’s replaced almost every single internal meeting, which is fantastic — from quick check-ins to formal meetings”, says Heins. “Our morning stand-ups feel really cosy because we turn on Riff, and I usually make a cup of coffee while I speak to other people, it’s really nice.”

Restoring creative happenstance

In a creative agency, a simple stroll behind the rows of glossy monitors provides a snapshot of work-in-progress, inspiring collaboration throughout the day. Heins explains how Riff helps to recreate some of that valuable energy that can otherwise be missing in a remote creative team. “In the office, when someone is walking past, they see something on the screen or in the sketchbook and just react to it…[with Riff] you can very quickly check-in and get a sense if somebody wants to speak about something. It enables much closer collaboration creatively.”

All the best parts of a physical space with none of the worst

Far from a constant stream of chatter all day long, for Heins, Riff’s spaces feel akin to the different areas of an office — with quiet spaces for concentration, meeting rooms for collaboration, and casual areas for social time. “It gives you visibility…it’s very similar to when somebody will put on headphones in an office, or spend an hour working from a cafe. It feels very natural and very human, which is a huge, huge driver for me.”

Building a culture beyond GIFs

In the early days of workplace instant messaging platforms like Slack, there was a great deal of novelty in being able to share an emoji-laden spreadsheet link or celebrate a win with a carefully chosen GIF. But with the great shift to remote, WFH, and hybrid models, we need tools that not only replicate a pre-existing office dynamic but have the power to build one from scratch.

“…it’s definitely been very positive for our culture, our wellbeing and how we feel as a team”

Riff has allowed the team to rely on instant messaging apps less, with all project and social chat happening in Riff. “[With instant messaging apps] the tool itself becomes work, while Riff does exactly the opposite. It just lets me do what I want with the people I want to do it with. It doesn’t stand in the way of that…I don’t need a giraffe GIF to get my job done.”

The future of work for MoreYum

Like so many creative businesses, MoreYum is embracing how the freedom of flexible working models creates happier employees and ultimately leads to better work.



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