How can remote creative teams get more out of their day?

David Roland, Director at Atticus Creative

Instant conversation

Atticus have shifted many of their internal calls from Google Meet over to Riff. Why? “It’s just more instant”, Roland says. “I love the immediacy of it. With Google Meet there’s still an effort to do it, but with Riff it’s just there. I can click and talk, and…the team will respond straight away.”

A way to feel connected

Roland explains how much Riff has transformed his day-to-day working experience “You come in, you log into your emails and that’s kind of static, a dead account, there’s nothing going on. Riff is living. That’s what I feel about Riff…With remote work, I think you just miss the interaction, the feeling that you’re with other people. Otherwise, you’re cut off. With Riff it’s literally just knowing those three are there, and I can talk to them, or tap on the shoulder. It’s just knowing you’re not alone, basically. You’re not sitting there on your lonesome, Johnny-no-mates.”

“How do you maintain the company culture if everybody’s working remotely? Well, you do it by getting Riff!”

Maintaining company culture remotely

Support with work-related queries is one thing, but Riff has also helped Atticus to restore some of the office social life so frequently missing from remote work. “Quite often if we go on there, we’ll start talking about a project, but then we’ll talk about other stuff. We might talk about film, I’ll talk about my dogs, you know, and we’ll just continue like that”.

It’s so simple

Like many small businesses, Roland and his team simply don’t have the time or the need for complicated enterprise-level tools that take weeks to get up to speed with. Riff required very little onboarding for Atticus, and was easy to make it stick within the culture. “Like a lot of great ideas — the best thing about it is the simplicity. [Riff] is just easy to use, it’s something you’ll be happy to turn on to every day….it was very easy to embed it.”

Not another inbox

Riff is not another inbox; you’re either there to hear and respond to someone who is speaking to you, or you’re not. There’s no accumulation of messages adding to your to-do list. “It’s not intrusive”, says Roland, “you still have a level of control. If I want everyone to know I’m away, it’s like being in the office, they can see that I’m away…that I’m not at my desk.”

“Like a lot of great ideas — the best thing about it is the simplicity.”

Riff is the piece of the puzzle that’s missing for other teams like Atticus today, helping them communicate instantly and effortlessly, fuelling productivity and fostering a more connected work environment for everyone.



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Riff is a lightweight virtual office for high-velocity teams.