How can early-stage startups thrive with a hybrid working model?

Max Teichert, co-founder of Titan Academy

Problem-solving for fast-moving teams

Riff is a shared audio space to sit and work with your team throughout the day, whilst working in separate locations. You can talk to anyone in one click, overhear your team’s conversations faintly in the background, and jump in whenever you need to.

So simple, you don’t notice it

Riff runs in the background so you can instantly speak to anybody on your team. It’s the digital version of the office: no need to make calls, type messages, or open apps — just talk.

A more focused way to listen

A 2017 study at Yale University discovered that voice-only communication is particularly likely to enhance empathic accuracy as it allows us to focus our attention directly on the emotional cues that accompany speech. For Teichert, he sees this value in Riff of being able to focus more intently on what someone is saying. “I think there’s something nice about just being able to walk around your room, not caring about the look on your face”, he says. “A video call has something official about it, not because of the video itself but the fact that we are sitting directly opposite each other…with voice, I could do a handstand whilst talking and no one’s looking at me and if that’s a good way to be creative, then so be it.”

Building community in hybrid teams

Businesses everywhere are emerging from global lockdowns and experimenting with hybrid models, like Titan Academy’s setup. It’s here that the challenge of helping the remote crew feel as included as the in-person team will become apparent.

“Riff really supports a sense of community within teams”

Riff exists to create presence within teams, so they can be any physical location, but work together just as they would in the same room. For Titan Academy, it’s created a space for team bonding that wouldn’t otherwise exist. “I’m German”, Teichert says, “so obviously England beating Germany [in the Euros] was really painful! I chatted to our intern about this and said something about England probably losing the next game. Someone just jumped in on Riff ‘that’s bullshit!’. That sort of thing is precisely what remote work is missing, and it’s a perfect example of a moment that wouldn’t have happened in Google Meet or on a Slack Call…it really supports a sense of community within teams”.



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Riff is a lightweight virtual office for high-velocity teams.