We believe in the power of teams.
Teams that work together to create a sum greater than its parts.
Teams that move fast and don’t waste valuable time.
Teams that drive change and break through barriers.
We’re here to give those teams superpowers.

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2020 changed teamwork forever. We used to work together in offices; now we work separately at home. And while this has produced numerous benefits, it’s also thrown up new challenges — like isolation.

Most of us work in teams. But what was a real-life collection of people working together toward…

Michael Heins, co-founder at Edinburgh design and technology studio MoreYum, talks about how to keep the serendipity and creative collaboration from the physical office alive and well in a remote creative team.

Michael Heins, co-founder at MoreYum

MoreYum is an ambitious, nimble and forward-thinking design and technology studio tapped into the thriving Scottish startup scene…

Max Teichert, co-founder at coaching platform Titan Academy shares his thoughts about high-performance culture and innovating at speed in a hybrid team.

Max Teichert, co-founder of Titan Academy

“We love three things”, says Max Teichert, “gaming, action sports, and early-stage start-ups”. It’s no surprise then that Teichert, along with co-founder Sam Marsden have embarked on a…


Riff is a lightweight virtual office for high-velocity teams.

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