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We believe in the power of teams.
Teams that work together to create a sum greater than its parts.
Teams that move fast and don’t waste valuable time.
Teams that drive change and break through barriers.
We’re here to give those teams superpowers.

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2020 changed teamwork forever. We used to work together in offices; now we work separately at home. And while this has produced numerous benefits, it’s also thrown up new challenges — like isolation.

Most of us work in teams. But what was a real-life collection of people working together toward…

The beauty behind diverse teams is the way their members thrive on and excel at different things. Those differences extend to how people like to work: some want to be at home, others prefer the office, and most relish flexibility. In fact, more than half of employees globally now say…

Michael Heins, co-founder at Edinburgh design and technology studio MoreYum, talks about how to keep the serendipity and creative collaboration from the physical office alive and well in a remote creative team.

Michael Heins, co-founder at MoreYum

MoreYum is an ambitious, nimble and forward-thinking design and technology studio tapped into the thriving Scottish startup scene…

Max Teichert, co-founder at coaching platform Titan Academy shares his thoughts about high-performance culture and innovating at speed in a hybrid team.

Max Teichert, co-founder of Titan Academy

“We love three things”, says Max Teichert, “gaming, action sports, and early-stage start-ups”. It’s no surprise then that Teichert, along with co-founder Sam Marsden have embarked on a…

David Roland, co-founder of London design studio, Atticus Creative, on friction-free communication and bringing the best bits of office life to remote teams.

David Roland, Director at Atticus Creative

David Roland and his partner Sanjay Chauhan founded design and branding studio, Atticus Creative, 13 years ago. Since then, they’ve turned their hand to an impressive array…

Monika Holod, founder & CEO at mental health platform Wangie on growing an early-stage startup with a globally dispersed team.

Monika Holod, CEO of Wangie

In 2020, deep in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and in a year where the world faced a shopping list of catastrophic and seemingly insurmountable problems, Monika Holod decided…


Riff is a lightweight virtual office for high-velocity teams.

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